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Pollo Suarez

Class of 2017,

My favorite SIBC project was the International Political and Economic Forum I participated in last semester. The travel team for this project, which travelled to San Diego for the forum, was composed of only four members. As a result of the small size, everyone's contributions were significant and truly made a difference. While the group tackled the financial, consulting, and global development aspects of Tesla's role in the automotive industry, I focused mainly on the developmental side. These are my three areas of interest, and the IPE Forum managed to bring them all together while analyzing Tesla's role as an innovator and entrepreneur in the long-standing, traditional automotive industry.

I have learned two main things from SIBC. First of all, I learned that you cannot separate the finance, consulting and global development aspects of any topic, but rather have to weave them together to understand the subject matter. SIBC has helped me look at real-world scenarios through a more comprehensive lens. Secondly, SIBC has shown me that there is always something to learn, and a new way to grow as an individual. Participating in diverse projects has helped me understand the complexity of real-world cases and has shown me that I can be a life-long learner.

Personally, SIBC has challenged me in the areas of public speaking, organization, and leadership skills. Both fellow student leaders and company contacts have made me become a more cultured and conscious leader. On the professional side, SIBC offered me the opportunity to experience working across different disciplines including consulting and global development. It has also sparked a personal interest in understanding and appreciating the financial side of projects.

There are two characteristics that differentiate SIBC. The first and most important is its vision of "Peace Through Commerce". SIBC dedicates a lot of its time and effort to shape individuals who will not only be successful in the business world, but have a willingness to achieve something beyond money, power, and status. SIBC helps its students understand that business is a tool to further peace and development worldwide. The second reason is that the Council includes opportunities in every discipline of business by leveraging its extensive partnerships and funding international internships. From global development and consulting to finance, I have had the opportunity to explore different interests. 

If I had to describe SIBC in two words, they would be New and Crossroads.

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