Jorge Nazario

Class of 2019, Accenture

During my four-year journey as an active member of the SIBC, I have had the chance to participate in a wide range of projects that have strongly helped my career development. Within my Freshman year alone, I had the chance to participate in a strategy consulting project with Ernst & Young and a social entrepreneurship project with Google. These experiences introduced me to what consultants do and helped me find my passion within the consulting industry. Thanks to the skills and experiences I had acquired with those two projects alone, I was able to land an internship at Accenture at the start of my sophomore year.  It was not until my Junior year that I led my first SIBC project within the STEM division. This was, without a doubt, the most fulfilling experience I had within the Council. I was able to teach underclassmen what I had learned my previous two years and to lead the strategy and scope of the project with a colleague. The leadership skills I acquired further prepared me, not only to succeed as a leader in the workforce but to successfully lead the STEM division in my senior year.  As the SIBC STEM director, apart from forming new relationships with companies and growing the division, I had the chance to travel to Tokyo, Japan with all the other SIBC board members. In this trip, we had the chance to not only learn about the amazing Japanese culture but to network with fellow Notre Dame alumni who live and work in Tokyo. Through these connections, we met the President of Louis Vuitton and the President of Kobelco, one of the largest construction machinery companies in Japan. The entire trip was truly a life-changing experience that introduced me to the Asian markets and the Japanese professional landscape. I am and will always be eternally grateful to the SIBC and all its active members, leaders, and faculty for making my experience at Notre Dame unforgettable.

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