To gain a global understanding of business by applying knowledge to projects that reflect real world demands. By connecting students to partners around the world, our members will develop essential business skills required in both the United States and countries abroad.

Global Leadership Forum

Each Fall Break, the Global Leadership Forum offers a cohort of highly-committed Council members the opportunity to engage with a unique cultural and economic environment that meaningfully influences the global landscape. Throughout the trip, students will meet with leaders of multinational companies and universities to explore pressing issues at the intersection of peace and commerce.


Past destinations have included Tel Aviv, Tokyo, and Johannesburg. If you're interested in joining us for this incredible experience, keep an eye out for applications in April-May!

Division Projects

Next semester, the international initiative will launch 3-4 unique projects focusing on professional experience similar to traditional offerings. Refocusing our destinations towards countries closer to the United States will enable SIBC to develop more projects which will provide the opportunity of international exposure to a larger audience.


Our ultimate goal is to broaden the impact of international experience within the council beyond case competitions and to enable our members to develop a more complete and refined business acumen and cultural perspective.


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