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Peilu Chen

Class of 2016

My favorite SIBC project is the SIBC-GVI Case competition. In the case I participated in, my team and I cooperated with students from Peking University to analyze the fast food industry in the US and China. We had a good mix of teammates from China and the US, and the group comprised of students from diverse majors and class years. As a freshman, I learned a lot from working with upperclassman and listening to different perspectives. My personal experience with both Chinese and American cultures helped me compare the differences of this same food industry across different countries, and allowed me to contribute to the localization of strategies. Most importantly, this initiative was a valuable cultural exchange experience for me. Though I am an international student from China, I found that the differences in communication, presentations and research methods between the two cultures are profound and interesting to learn about. The most beneficial part of the experience was the friendships I made with my fellow peers. 

The multiple experiences I've had with the SIBC have taught me a lot about business knowledge, and have helped me acquire important skills. I've had the opportunity to visit companies and learn about different industries by participating in diverse projects. The project leaders I've collaborated with have always been very dedicated and helpful, and having the chance to visit firm offices is a key highlight of all projects. The SIBC real-world business experience has exposed me to professional business attitude and has taught me more about the daily work behind different disciplines.

I was also fortunate enought to participate in SIBC's internship in ND's Asia office. This was a great and meaningful experience, where I learned about doing routine corporate work and developing creative plans, such as designing courses for iLED, tailoring an ND program, and visiting China Development Brief to learn about NGO development. By proposing business plans and talking to ND alumni of diverse fields, I was able to determine the business sectors that interest me and suit my goals.

SIBC has also strengthened my leadership abilities by allowing me to lead projects and guide my fellow peers in case analyses. Although this is a challenging task, it is very rewarding at the same time. 

SIBC is more than a student club. It is a structured organization with many active members, abundant resources and unique opportunities.

If I had to describe SIBC in two words, they would be Inspiring and Professional.

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