Notre Dame Day Interview

Happy Notre Dame Day! As we celebrate our 30th Anniversary, we celebrate the countless individuals that have contributed to making SIBC such a powerful influence in the lives of so many here at Notre Dame. While we have accomplished much, we recognize that we can and should be doing more to serve our community and cultivate meaningful professional experiences for all who are interested. Moving forward, we plan to focus our attention on three main initiatives:

  1. Integrate our vision of “Peace through Commerce” throughout the Council by introducing new social impact projects in each division

  2. Expand to the West Coast, where we intend to offer diverse and unique opportunities in buy-side finance, entrepreneurship, and computer science

  3. Strengthen diversity of membership; specifically, we look to increase participation among women and students studying the liberal arts or STEM

This evening, Miles Wood (President), Lauren Weetman (Director of Finance), and Bruce Morris (Director of Social Entrepreneurship) had the opportunity to sit down with Brandon to share their experiences in SIBC and discuss these key initiatives!

By donating just $10 during Notre Dame Day and allocating your votes to SIBC, you will play a direct and tangible role in helping us accomplish our goals. Your votes will allot us a percentage of a $1,200,000 pool, which will allow us to expand accordingly and continue to serve Notre Dame students effectively. If you cannot help financially, we kindly ask that you help us spread our message to other members of the Notre Dame community.

Your help today would mean the world to us. Thank you for your time and your continued support of this incredible organization!

Please visit our page at bit.ly/NDdaySIBC to donate now!

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