Introducing exciting new changes!

As we celebrate our 30th Anniversary, the SIBC Board of Directors is thrilled to announce four major changes this semester:

1. New website

We recently launched our new website, redesigned for clarity and convenience! It has been over 5 years since our last website upgrade and we believed there was significant room for growth. Throughout the summer, we have drastically reduced content, while improving the quality of information. Notable enhancements include: mobile optimization, electronification of travel contracts, and additional resources, such as FAQ and Feedback pages.

2. Project Leader interviews

As the Council has experienced tremendous growth, our leadership selection process has become ill-equipped to fairly evaluate all candidates applying. Our Division Directors are deeply passionate about ensuring all students have equal access to the opportunities SIBC offers and are committed to extending these opportunities to the most deserving. To reduce any unconscious bias and develop a better feedback mechanism for applicants, the Board resolved to supplement the traditional project leader application with a 15 minute interview when it will add clarity. Interviewees will be evaluated and scored across three key dimensions - approachability, teaching ability, and technical aptitude - giving directors a more holistic understanding of each candidate. These scores, along with more personalized notes from the interview, will improve vertical transparency within SIBC’s leadership and give applicants a more honest perspective on selection decisions.

For Fall 2019, you can expect PL applications to open on Wednesday, August 21st and close on Wednesday, August 28th, with interviews concluding by Wednesday, September 4th.

3. Guidelines to govern participation in multiple projects

In recent history, we’ve experienced a number of issues with people overcommitting to SIBC projects. As a result, individuals often encounter travel conflicts or struggle to balance the requisite work in each project. While we hope to expose members to valuable opportunities in a variety of divisions, we want to ensure that (1) work quality and travel attendance is never affected by other commitments within the council and (2) a large cohort of people have the opportunity to participate in the Council’s projects.

Beginning this semester, we will introduce uniform guidelines to govern participation in multiple projects. Early in the semester, members are welcome to check out as many projects as they’d like, but can travel on only two to three projects each semester. Please see below for the Fall semester’s guidelines:

  • Team members – members of application-based projects are limited to one other non-application-based project and travel priority falls on the former; other team members are limited to three non-application-based projects in total, provided the travel schedule is manageable.

  • Project leaders – limited to one other non-application-based project.

  • Board members – limited to one project.

Note: As of August 2019, application-based projects include Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, BAML, PJT, PWP, McKinsey, BCG, Bain, and Booz Allen Hamilton.

4. Social Impact Initiative

Reenvisioning social entrepreneurship as an application of business, not a field of business, the Board has determined to dissolve the Social Entrepreneurship division and redistribute its projects among the appropriate divisions. Moving forward, the Social Impact Initiative will aim to incorporate our vision of “Peace through Commerce” in every division, while sponsoring new programs that SIBC is uniquely fit to support (e.g., forums featuring social entrepreneurs and long-term service projects with tangible impact).

Please note, if you are interested in leading a social impact project, your interest and previous project experience will still be taken into consideration throughout the selection process. Additionally, our social impact listserv will remain intact to inform students of relevant opportunities.

Pre-existing projects will be distributed as follows:

  • BOSCO / Accenture to STEM

  • Boys and Girls Club of St. Joseph County / LEK to Consulting

  • Montaña de Luz / McKinsey to Consulting

  • Teach for America to Marketing

As you can tell, we have a lot of exciting changes coming this semester! Each aims to address meaningful challenges within the Council and were shaped by significant thought from a very dedicated Board. As we continue to learn from and iterate on our solutions, we invite you into an ongoing conversation about the effectiveness of each. At any point, please feel free to offer your thoughts via our new feedback form or by reaching out to me (mwood6@nd.edu) or Monica Laidig, our Faculty Advisor, (mlaidig@nd.edu) directly.

Looking forward to seeing you all back on campus soon. Enjoy your last week of summer and go Irish!



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