Class of 2019 Reflects on SIBC Experience

As members of the Class of 2019 come to the end of their journey at Notre Dame, seniors take the time to reflect on their SIBC experience. SIBC would like to thank all of our graduating members and wish them the best of luck!

Arturo Prestamo joined SIBC as a freshman. He was involved as an active member, STEM director, and President. As President, Arturo launched SIBCares. He was able to travel to Tokyo, Japan through SIBC. Arturo will be working at Credit Suisse in New York after graduation. Thanks, Arturo!

“Starting out at Notre Dame, I was an overwhelmed international student who felt somewhat intimidated by what was ahead in South Bend, Indiana. The cold weather, 200-student lectures, and being so far away from home was all very new to me. I remember my first SIBC All-Council meeting, sitting in a red cushioned seat at DeBart 101 not knowing the difference between a financial services company and a management consulting firm, but yet hoping to get on a travel team for any of the projects in front of me. Since that meeting, I never left SIBC… SIBC developed my team work capabilities and analytical skills, led me to obtain the contacts and experiences needed to secure a summer internship, and it taught me how to behave in professional settings. On a personal level, SIBC introduced me to some of my closest friends at Notre Dame, and gave me something to look forward to throughout the week.”

Grace Parker also joined SIBC as a freshman. She was an active member of the Marketing division, Director of Marketing, and CMO. Grace will be working at Nordstrom in Seattle after graduation. Thanks, Grace!

“I am so thankful to SIBC for enabling me to improve my public speaking and leadership skills, all the while helping me discover my passions and identify a future career path. Thanks to my work with Vera Bradley, I learned of the boundless opportunities for business-minded people in the fashion retail industry. Next year, I’ll be working at Nordstrom’s corporate headquarters as a Merchandise Analyst and I could not be more excited. Work is so much more fun when you are doing something you love and I thank SIBC for helping me find that passion.”

Janne Fuss also joined SIBC as a freshman. She is an active member, CFO, and Vice President. Janne was able to travel to Johannesburg, South Africa through SIBC. She will be working at Goldman Sachs in New York after graduation. Thanks, Janne!

“Since the first All-Council meeting I attended as a freshman to leading my final SIBC finance project as senior, the council has continuously challenged me to grow both professionally and personally alongside like-minded peers…What differentiates SIBC from other organizations on Notre Dame’s campus are the strong emphasis placed on values across business initiatives and members’ commitment to give back to the council, both as upperclassmen and as alumni. My hope is for many more students to benefit from SIBC, and I’m excited to see how much we can accomplish together.”

Jorge Nazario also joined SIBC as a freshman. He was an active member and STEM Director. He was able to travel to Tokyo, Japan through SIBC. He will be working at Accenture after graduation. Thanks, Jorge!

“It was not until my Junior year that I led my first SIBC project within the STEM division. This was, without a doubt, the most fulfilling experience I had within the Council. I was able to teach underclassmen what I had learned my previous two years and to lead the strategy and scope of the project with a colleague. The leadership skills I acquired further prepared me, not only to succeed as a leader in the workforce but to successfully lead the STEM division in my senior year.”

Liam Stewart also joined SIBC as a freshman. He was an active member and Consulting Director. He was able to travel to Tokyo, Japan through SIBC. He will be working at Stout. Thanks, Liam!

“Of all the great experiences I’ve enjoyed as a member of the SIBC family, the one that stands out the most was my participation in the 2018 Global Leadership Forum, a student-led initiative to build the Council’s network in Tokyo, Japan, and to lay the foundation for a future project there. It was a truly incredible experience, and I learned a great deal about Japanese society, history, and business. We met with a number of prominent business leaders, including the President & CEO of Louis Vuitton, Japan, the President of Kobe Steel, among others. I really enjoyed meeting with Notre Dame and SIBC alumni at those organizations, and learning about their experiences living and working in Japan. We visited Mt. Fuji, toured historic landmarks, and ate sushi at restaurants in the heart of Tokyo. It was, without a doubt, one of the best experiences in my four years at Notre Dame.”

Good luck, Class of 2019!

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