Matt Brownschidle

Class of 2010, Columbia Business School, MBA Candidate

I graduated from Notre Dame in 2010 with a major in Finance. As an undergraduate, I was actively involved with the SIBC’s Finance division. I participated in over nine different projects and led the Equity Analysis and Leveraged Buyout projects. During the summers of 2007 and 2008, I participated in the SCG Trading internship in Bangkok, Thailand and the BRC Printing program in Viejo del Carmen, Belize. I also served as SIBC's Executive Vice President and President, and was able to develop my communication and leadership skills as a member of the Board of the Directors.

While in Thailand and Belize, I had the opportunity to learn a great deal about the people, culture, and history of each country. I made friends with people from work and in the community. I picked up some simple Thai and improved my Spanish. I ate new types of food and visited impressive cultural heritage sites.

My time in Thailand and Belize also helped me develop a unique perspective. I had never traveled abroad prior to my internships with the SIBC. Living in a major foreign city such as Bangkok and a small town such as Benque was eye‐opening.

Finally, my internships with the SIBC helped me grow and develop. I became more comfortable meeting new people, trying new things, visiting new places, and living on my own. To this day, my time in Thailand and Belize inspires my appetite to learn about new people, places and things.

The SIBC helped me develop the knowledge, communication skills, and relationships essential to launching a successful career. As a participant in SIBC projects, I learned how to analyze and value companies before I took an Accounting or Finance class. Moreover, the projects provided insight into how knowledge from the classroom is applied in the business world.

I enhanced my communication skills on projects by working in small teams, presenting to companies, and leading specific groups. As Executive Vice President and President, I further developed my communication and leadership skills by maintaining key Council relationships (e.g., administration, SIBC at University of San Diego and Benedictine College, International Business Council, etc.) and leading the Board of Directors. Finally, I developed lasting relationships with SIBC members, alums, and project sponsors that were essential to starting my career.

I continue to leverage the skills that I developed in my time with the SIBC. Moreover, I keep in touch with several former SIBC members for advice and mentorship. Finally, my experience in Thailand and Belize inspires my appetite to learn about new people, places and things.

If I had to describe SIBC in two words, they would be Opportunity and Practical

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