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Liam Stewart

Of all the great experiences I’ve enjoyed as a member of the SIBC family, the one that stands out the most was my participation in the 2018 Global Leadership Forum, a student-led initiative to build the Council’s network in Tokyo, Japan, and to lay the foundation for a future project there. It was a truly incredible experience, and I learned a great deal about Japanese society, history, and business. We met with a number of prominent business leaders, including the President & CEO of Louis Vuitton, Japan, the President of Kobe Steel, among others. I really enjoyed meeting with Notre Dame and SIBC alumni at those organizations, and learning about their experiences living and working in Japan. We visited Mt. Fuji, toured historic landmarks, and ate sushi at restaurants in the heart of Tokyo. It was, without a doubt, one of the best experiences in my four years at Notre Dame.

As well as all the great experiences I had, and friendships I made, SIBC was critical to my career discernment and success to date. It was through SIBC that I discovered consulting, and developed the skills and experience necessary to succeed in the recruiting process. As a team member, project leader, and division director, I had the opportunity to visit and work side by side with business professionals throughout the consulting industry. Because of the relationships I developed as an SIBC team member, I had a great professional network when it came time to search for internships and full-time positions

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