Emily Campbell

Class of 2017

Working in Ecuador allowed me to develop new and existing skills that will further my work in the future. First, I significantly improved my Spanish proficiency through not only intensive Spanish classes but also living with host families that spoke little to no English. Developing this skill will allow me to work in a field in the future that requires or benefits from the ability to speak Spanish with cultural competency. I also learned to be flexible and adaptable when obstacles arise. We quickly discovered that obstacles with bus routes, government officials, and even weather are inevitable in Ecuador, so it was pertinent that we were able to be flexible and patient when plans changed last minute. Finally, I learned the importance of building close relationships with clients so that you come to fully understand their situations and see them not just as clients but as human beings that deserve care and respect. I think this will be invaluable in the corporate world as I will be able to work passionately with my clients, working to further their well-being, not merely to use them to make a profit.

During my internship, I worked incessantly to further the mission of SIBC, “Peace through Commerce.” Working at campaigns and selling the products of Community Enterprise Solutions to Ecuadorians in need, I sought to build relationships and have conversations with Ecuadorians, leaving the impression that human beings, no matter what their socioeconomic background, nationality, or culture, have a responsibility to one another to further the well-being of others to their full potential. I hope to adopt the mentality of “peace through commerce” in my future career and studies by working to promote a greater peace, solidarity, and community between people from all over the world by working toward bettering the lives of others with the business and legal skills I have and will continue to develop. 

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