Emily Arjani

Class of 2014, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Tax Associate

During my undergraduate years, I participated in various SIBC Accounting projects, and initiated the SIBC’s involvement in the Inter-Collegiate Business Competition (ICBC) in Canada. The Accounting Division sent a team of three members to compete in January of 2013. This team ended up winning the entire Business Policy event. It was amazing to see our members excel at an international level, especially since they were completely new to the competition.

As the Director of Accounting in 2012, I had the opportunity to lead and guide a division of students so that they could ultimately be successful. I also learned how to best communicate initiatives and how to listen and make improvements when things were not functioning properly. This responsibility given to me as an undergraduate allowed me to make my own changes within the division.  

As CFO in 2013, my communication skills became even more vital for the success of the council. I was tasked with communicating to members the importance of paying dues. Additionally, I improved my analytical skills and attention to detail by tracking dues collections and reviewing all member reimbursement forms and receipts. 

My experience with the SIBC has really allowed me to explore my interests and settle on a desired career path. I got to test out projects in multiple divisions and see what excited me the most. The projects taught me so much about what was happening in the business setting and prepared me for entering the workplace. I gained countless relevant skills such as how to present clearly and effectively and how to excel in team settings. 

If I had to describe the SIBC in two words, they would be Unparalleled and Enriching.

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