Andrew Charnesky

Class of 2013, McKinsey & Company, Business Analyst

I attended the Lucca Leadership in Castlewellan, Northern Ireland. It was an incredible experience; I learned much and lived in a castle for 5 days – pretty cool. I left Castlewellan with the essential toolkit of servant based leadership as well as a heightened awareness of cultural differences and how they influence personal behavior and team dynamics.

The SIBC experience strengthened my career development in so many ways. Perhaps most importantly, the SIBC provided me with foundational leadership experiences upon which I was able to continue growing throughout my time at Notre Dame. Since our experiences today influence our opportunities the next, I can trace back many / all of my career opportunities to my involvement with the SIBC.

The SIBC gave me my first exposure to strategy consulting – with a project at BCG – which ultimately influenced my decision to become a consultant post graduation. Furthermore, my exposure to Goldman Sachs as a part of their strategic advisory project was helpful in attaining a position in their investment banking division after my Junior year. Overall, I cannot be grateful enough for the opportunities for leadership, career exploration and mentorship that the SIBC provided.

If I had to describe the SIBC in two words, they would be Meritocracy and Opportunity.

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