Winter Session

2020 - 2021

With the introduction of Notre Dame's 10-week long winter session for the 2020-2021 academic year, SIBC has taken the initiative to provide its members with opportunities for continued professional growth during this extended break. Please see the opportunities listed below, including projects with companies, workshops, and alumni panels. 

Monday Night Workshops


The Finance Division will be hosting workshops each Monday in January 2021. Each session will last approximately one hour, beginning at 8 PM EST. These workshops are designed for students who are relatively new to SIBC finance, and they will cover a variety of topics central to being a successful member of a SIBC project team.  

January 4th, 8 PM EST | How to Think as an Investor, General Resources

January 11th, 8 PM EST | Accounting, Slide Creation

January 18th, 8 PM EST | Valuation

January 25th, 8 PM EST | Project Symposium

Division Projects

Business Team

Accenture & Bosco-Uganda


Social Impact

This winter project will involve collecting and analyzing site data with a renewable energy software tool to help Bosco-Uganda determine which site to deploy their energy infrastructure. The team will collaborate with Accenture consultants, allowing participants the opportunity to network and present their final recommendation to Accenture consultants and BOSCO-Uganda.




Divided into three sub-teams, the Nielsen winter project will look at a client’s product portfolio, shelving and pricing strategy, and distribution to optimize the marketing mix. This project offers students a real-life experience to work on a client’s needs, research an industry, and evaluate a brand’s product mix. 


Orlando Magic



SIBC Marketing and SIBC Consulting are excited to announce a project collaboration in January sponsored by the Orlando Magic. The project will combine Leaders and Members from both divisions with the goal to identify potential new brand partnerships for the Magic with strategic rationale for implementation. 

Busy Conference

Bain & Company


SIBC Consulting is excited to announce that we will be collaborating with Bain & Company in order to offer four projects focusing on determining future growth strategies for Meijer Grocery. Teams will have the unique opportunity to collaborate with Bain Associate Consultants in analyzing possible regions that Meijer should seek to enter and determining how they should enter the selected region within a 5-year timespan. 

Financial Report

Ernst & Young


With a focus on data analytics in accounting, EY's winter project involves implementing the DuPont Method, a key framework to analyzing financial statements and understanding company performance. Members will define an analytics mindset, learn the ratios involved in the DuPont Method, and use this method to perform data analytics and data visualization techniques.

Accounting Documents



With a focus on the audit practice, Deloitte's winter project involves a thorough analysis of three different entities. Corroborative and contradictory evidence identified in the case study will be used to determine whether the management's assertion is accurate and if any additional information is needed to make a solid assessment from the audit procedure. 

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