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Janne Fuss

Class of 2019, Goldman Sachs, Investment Banking

My time at Notre Dame has been greatly impacted by my involvement in SIBC and the tremendous opportunities the council provides to us students. Since the first All-Council meeting I attended as a freshman to leading my final SIBC finance project as senior, the council has continuously challenged me to grow both professionally and personally alongside like-minded peers.

Through SIBC, I first discovered my interest in finance and found a community of students, who were happy to share their knowledge of the subject with me long before I started taking classes in the Mendoza business school. I participated in numerous finance projects over the past four years, both as member and a project leader. Each project taught me valuable skills and helped me in the discernment of my future career plans.

As a member of the SIBC Board of Directors, I spent fall break during my junior year in Johannesburg, South Africa. Along with my friends, I advised local entrepreneurs on their business ventures, as well as learned about the culture and socio-economic environment of the region. This trip was one of my favorite experiences while at Notre Dame, because we were able to apply the knowledge we learned back in the classroom in a real world setting and had the potential to positively impact these people’s lives.

What differentiates SIBC from other organizations on Notre Dame’s campus are the strong emphasis placed on values across business initiatives and members’ commitment to give back to the council, both as upperclassmen and as alumni. My hope is for many more students to benefit from SIBC, and I’m excited to see how much we can accomplish together.

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